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Welcome to the land of many projects!

The previous owners had done no landscaping so we had an empty canvas that we began working on last summer.  It is really exciting to see the projects progress.  You will see links to the areas we have already done but still have some work to do.  We are going to be working on an outdoor kitchen this summer.

Photo of our house

Landscaping, Patio, and all rock work done by Carson Enterprises Inc.

Pool was built by Classic Pool and Spa

Cement work done by Rock Hard Cement

Carson and Classic are out of Omaha, Nebraska

Rock Hard Cement is out of Fort Calhoun, Nebraska

If you would like our opinion on how they do business

and especially their after installation warranty and guarantee work.

Before you hire any of these companies to do you're work,

Please send me or my wife an E-Mail and we will be happy

to answer you're questions.

Or E-Mail Pam