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New Pictures of my Roush truck

If you see something you want to look at closer let me know and I'll get it out for you

Most of its time in Arizona, NO SALT NO RUST

Note - Small chips in stripe - $162.00 replaces all the stripes at JC Whitney

Roush Rim - (note) Flaking chrome

Tire Size

Note - Stupid people at Wal-Mrat with keys

Clean leather - No cracks

Stiched seats

Very Clean

Roush pedals

No cracking leather

Factory Roush NOT aftermarket!

With this sticker you can put anything Roush on it and increase the value

Touch Screen - Plays MP3's DVD 4 Gig worth of MP3's on 1 DVD

Also Plays regular DVD movies - Iphones type AUX - USB Plug in

No cracking on the drivers side either

Stiched seats

Doesnt use oil or smoke,,,,No drips